How do I import captions to YouTube?

You will learn how to import/upload a captions file for use with your video in YouTube.

Follow these steps after you have uploaded a video to YouTube and you want to use a captions file (.SRT format) to provide accurate captions for your students.

1. Click on the Sign in icon in YouTube.

Click on the Sign in icon in YouTube.

2. Click on YouTube Studio.

Click on Creator Studio.
Subtitles link selected

4. Click on the desired video.

Canvas deep link video selected

5. Click on Add.

ADD button selected

6. Click on Upload a file.

Upload file button

7. Click on Continue.

Tip: With timing should be the selection by default. The captions file you may have received from DSS or OET has timing, so leave With timing selected.

Continue button

8. Navigate and select the captions file.

captions file is selected

9. Click on Open.

Open button is selected

10. Click on Publish.

Tip: If you notice any of the captions as needing fixing, you can edit them on this page and then click on Publish.

Publish button selected

11. The captions are now available when users watch your video.

Be sure to verify that the captions play.

Captions displayed when played.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload a captions file (.SRT) for use with your video on YouTube.