How do I adjust the VoiceThread notifications?

You will learn how to adjust the VoiceThread notifications (emails) that you receive when students post comments or submissions within a Voicethread Assignment in your course. website

2. Click on Sign in.

Sign in button

3. Click on the Sign in button

Sign in button 2

4. Enter your CSUF Login credentials when you are redirected to the portal.

CSUF portal

5. Your VT Home displays.

VT Home web page

6. Click on your email address or image.

your email address selected

7. Select My Account.

My Account selected

8. Click on the Notifications tab.

Notifications tab

9. Use the sliders to turn the different types of notification on or off.

Notification sliders

10. Adjust the Assignment Instant  Notification Preferences.

If you have created an Assignment in Canvas using the VoiceThread External Tool, then these are the sliders that you need to turn on or off.

Assignment Instant Notification Preferences

Article Summary

You have now learned how to adjust the VoiceThread notifications which are sent to you by email when students post a comment in a VT.