Student: How do I record my course attendance using iFullerton?

You will learn how to use the iFullerton app on your iPhone, iPad or other device to record your daily attendance in your course.

Follow these instructions after you have installed the iFullerton app on your device. You must also make sure that Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled for this app.

Alert: You must have the current version of iFullerton installed and cannot have any Bluetooth devices (like earbuds) connected to your phone or tablet as the Bluetooth devices might prevent your phone from connecting and recording your attendance.

1. Go to your classroom at the time of your class meeting.

2. Open your iFullerton app on your device.

iFullerton app icon

3. Tap on the + (plus) symbol.

The + symbol should be located in the top left corner of the app. Instead of tapping the + symbol, you may shake the device to obtain the same effect.

Your device may look different than this sample one (iPad).

+ (plus) symbol is selected.

4. The Attendance dialog will display.

Attendance dialog displays

5. Tap on Add Course Attendance.

The Add Meeting/Event Attendance can be used by faculty or staff to gather a list of attendees at an event not associated with a course.

To be counted as present (on-time), you need to follow this process within the first 14 minutes of the class start time. After 15 minutes you will be marked as "Tardy".

 Add Course Attendance button is selected.

6. Your room number should appear.

The closest beacon to your device should appear at the top of the list. If your classroom is not the first one listed, find it in the list.

Room number
Error - Location services disabled

If you receive this error, then you need to enable Location services for this app.

 Location services disabled

6.1. Enable Location Services for iFullerton

In Settings, select iFullerton and set to 'While Using the App'.

Location Services
Error - Connection failed

If you received this error, then you need to enable Bluetooth for the iFullerton app.

If you have any Bluetooth devices connected to your phone or tablet, that might prevent iFullerton from recording your attendance.

 Connection failed error

6.1. Enable Bluetooth.

In Settings, select Bluetooth and tap to turn it on.

Bluetooth enabled

7. Tap on your room number.

Classroom number

8. Tap on Done.

For students, there is currently no way to verify your attendance for the semester. However, instructors can in an External tool within the course in Canvas, so that they can view the attendance for each student who checked in.

 Done button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to report your course attendance using the iFullerton app.