How do I upload a SoftChalk lesson to my course in Canvas?

You will learn how to upload a zip package of a lesson, such a SoftChalk lesson, Captivate, or Camtasia to your course in Canvas.

A zipped SoftChalk lesson will be used in this example.

Keep in mind this zip package is for a student to interact with the instructional content but will not report a score to the gradebook.

1. Enter your course.

course modules page

2. Click on the Files navigation item.

Files is selected

3. Click on +Folder.

It is not necessary to add a folder, it is being done for file management. If you plan to upload more than one zip package, it can be helpful to have them organized by folders.

+Folder is selected

4. Type a name for  the new folder.

Name field selected

5. Click on the Check mark.

Checkmark selected

6. Click on the folder.

folder link selected

7. Drag the zip folder to the upload area.

file upload area selected

8. Click on Expand It button.

Expand It button selected

9. Allow the zip to upload and unpack.

upload in progress

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