How do I link my SoftChalk Cloud lesson to my course in Canvas?

You will learn how to add your SoftChalk Cloud lesson to an Assignment in your course in Canvas.

1. After logging in to SoftChalk Cloud, click on the lesson you want to use.

SoftChalk Cloud Lessons page
bottom of SoftChalk Cloud lesson page
LTI Link field selected

4. Within your course, click on Edit for the desired Assignment.

Edit button selected

5. Make sure that the points in the lesson match the points selected in the Points field for the Assignment.

For example, the SoftChalk lesson has 10 points and so does this Assignment in this course.

Points field is selected

6. Select External Tool for the Submission Type.

External Tool is selected

Conversely, you may instead click on the Find button, select SoftChalk Cloud from the list, then select the desired lesson. Either way will work.

URL field selected

8. Click on Save & Publish.

Save & Publish button selected

9. The ScoreCenter will display for you in the Assignment.

If you see the SoftChalk ScoreCenter then you have properly linked your SoftChalk Cloud lesson to this Assignment.


Student view of this assignment.

When a student clicks on the assignment, the SoftChalk lesson will open within the assignment. The student's score within the lesson will report to the gradebook based on the points in the lesson and in the assignment.

Student view of the assignment

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a SoftChalk Cloud lesson to an assignment in your course.