How do I upload a SoftChalk SCORM activity to my course in Canvas?

You will learn how to add a SCORM-packaged SoftChalk lesson to your course in Canvas.

If your SoftChalk SCORM package is still in your course in TITANium, please read this guide to learn how to download it.  

1. Enter your course.

Semester course icon is selected

2. Click the Settings navigation item.

Settings icon is selected

3. Click on the Navigation tab.

Navigation icon is selected

4. Scroll down the page and drag the SCORM icon to the active area in order to enable it.

SCORM icon is selected

5. Click Save.

Save icon is selected

6. Click the SCORM navigation item.

SCORM icon is selected

7. Click Upload.

Upload icon is selected

8. Select the SoftChalk SCORM zip package. is selected

9. Click on Open.

Open button is selected

10. Wait while your SCORM package uploads.

The SCORM package is uploading

11. For import type, select Import as graded assignment.

The graded assignment will report the student's score to the gradebook.

import type is selected

12. Click on Go.

Go icon is selected

13. Click on the Open assignment icon.

Open Assignment button selected

14. Click on Edit Assignment Settings.

Edit Assignment.

15. Adjust the name of the assignment if desired.

Name field selected

16. Add a description if desired.

description field selected

17. Set the number of points to report to the gradebook.

Note: for SoftChalk SCORM packages, you should match the points in the assignment to the number of possible points within the SoftChalk lesson.

Points field selected

18. Decide which Assignment Group to use.

All assignments within the gradebook are categorized. Select the category you want or create a new one.

Assignment Group dropdown selected

19. Decide how you want the grade to display in the gradebook.

Display Grade as dropdown is selected.

20. Decide whether to have this assignment count toward the course total.

If you check this box, then this assignment will not count toward your course total.

Checkbox for not counting toward course total

21. Decide whether to open this SoftChalk lesson in a new window.

You should test this option with your particular lesson. Some display better in their own tab; others display just fine embedded in the Canvas web page.

checkbox for Load This Tool in a New Tab.

22. Decide how many attempts students can have.

Choices include Unlimited and Limited. If you select Limited, you can then decide how many attempts.

Alert! Canvas and SoftChalk lessons have an issue where the student's first attempt never finishes and the second attempt never begins. So, in effect students only have one attempt. However, if you are using a SCORM package other than SoftChalk, it may allow multiple attempts.

Submission Attempts dropdown menu

23. Decide whether this is for everyone or just for select users or groups.

By default, the assignment is set for Everyone. However, you can set the assignment so only groups of students or individual students will see this assignment.

Assign to field is selected

24. Add a Due date if desired.

Due field is selected

25. Add availability dates, if desired.

Available from and Available Until fields selected

26. Decide whether to notify users.

Notify users checkbox selected

27. Click on Save & Publish.

If you are not ready to make this assignment visible to students, click on Save instead of Save & Publish.

Save & Publish button selected

28. The SoftChalk assignment is now ready for students.

Assignments page showing this new SCORM assignment.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload a SCORM-packaged Softchalk lesson to your course in Canvas.