How do I create a Class Response Report?

You will learn how to create a Class Response Report which will print a list of the students' test responses for each version of the test.

After you have finished scanning all student answer sheets, follow these steps to create a Class Response Report.

1. From the main menu choose Reports, then scroll down to select Class Response Report.

Class Response Report is selected

2. In the pop-up window type a Report Heading name (optional).

Report Heading field selected

3. Choose a quiz under Category and the version you would like to run the report on.

Other options to consider.

Print Answer Keys: Do you need to have the answer key printed?

Print Student Name: Do you need to have the student names on the report?

Number of Student ID Digits to be Crossed out (0-5): Do you need the entire CWID or will the ending numbers be sufficient?

Quiz 1 selected

4. Choose what you want to do with the report.

Select from Preview, Print or Cancel.

Button choices include Print, Preview and Cancel
Preview button selected

4.1. The Class Response Report displays.

 Class Response Report displayed

4.2. Click on the Printer icon if you want to print the report.

The report will be printed on the currently selected printer. You cannot change printers at this point. You must do it ahead of time.

Print icon in menu bar

The report will print to the currently selected printer. If you want to print to a different printer, then you must do that before clicking on the Print button.

 Print button selected

Article Summary

You have just learned how to create, preview, and print a Class Response Report within ParScore.