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How do I format my Microsoft Word exam so that it will import into Respondus 4.0?

You will learn how to format your existing (or new) exam/test/quiz in Microsoft Word, so that it will easily import into Respondus where you can then upload it to your course in Canvas.

This guide will show you how to import Multiple Choice questions. Images embedded in the Word document will port into Respondus without you needing to do anything other than follow these steps.

For a detailed description for other question types (T/F, fill-in-the-blank, essay, etc.) and options (title, feedback, etc.) see the Respondus PDF guide starting on page 41.  

1. Number each question.

Use a number followed by a "." or a ")".

Example: 3)

Example: 3.

2. All answers must begin with a letter followed by a "." or ")".

It doesn't matter whether you use small or capital letters.

Example: b.

Example: B)

3. By default the correct answer is always "a".

If you do not mark a correct answer, then the first answer is always considered to be the correct answer.

In order to mark a different answer as the correct answer, use an "*" before the letter with no space.


a. Wrong answer
*b. Correct answer
c. Wrong answer
d. Wrong answer

So, a set of questions might look like this.

Remember, it doesn't matter if I use small letters or large, A ")" or a ".". Also, "A" is always the correct answer unless a different answer is marked with an "*".

formatted questions

Article Summary

You have now learned how to format a Microsoft Word quiz/test/exam, so that you can import it into Respondus 4.0 and then to Canvas.