How do I create a Portfolio Assignment?

You will learn about creating Canvas assignments for students to post URLs of their portfolio.

Portfolio Platforms

Many options are available for online Portfolios. LinkedIn and Portfolium are a couple of popular options. However, in a broad sense, any sharing platform can act as a portfolio (for example, YouTube, Facebook etc).

CSUF does not currently have a license for Portfolium, but students can still use the free Portfolium option and share links to their portfolios. Guides on Portfolium are available at Canvas Portfolium Guide Hub.

Privacy Options

There are often options within portfolio platforms for students to share resources without making their account publicly visible. Common options are an unlisted URL or invitation methods, where users approve who can view their online work.

Using a Canvas Web URL Assignment

Canvas assignments can be used for graded portfolio submissions. Details on creating "online submission" assignments in Canvas are available in the Canvas Online Assignment Guide.

The "Text Entry" or "Website URL" submission types are great choices for portfolios.

Using a Graded Canvas Discussion

A more interactive option may be a graded discussion. Details on setting up a graded discussion are available at Graded Discussion Guide.

Article Summary

You have learned about options for setting up assignments for student portfolio submissions.