How do I attach a file to my Assignment?

You will learn how to attach a file in an Assignment you are creating for your students in your course in Canvas.

2. On the Assignments page, click on the title of the Assignment you have just created.

attach a file assignment link selected

3. Click on Edit.

Edit button selected

4. Type some text into the editor.

This is the text we will use to create a hyperlink to the file we are going to upload. Likewise, it is not required to type in any text. If you follow this guide but do not type in any text, the name of the file will be inserted into the text box with the hyperlink.

Text in the Rich Text Editor
text for hyperlink selected

6. Click on the Document upload icon.

Documents icon selected

7. Drag and drop the file to the upload area.

File dragged to Upload File area

8. Click on Submit.

Submit button selected

If you do not see the Link Options button, click once on the hyperlink and the Link Options button should display.

Link Options button selected

10. Decide whether you want the file to automatically display on the webpage.

The tick box for "Automatically open an in-line preview" is checked, so that the document will display on the webpage. However, that is not necessary - simply an option.

Automatically open an in-line preview box ticked

11. Click on Done.

Done button selected

12. Click on Save.

Save button selected

13. The file is now set to display on the webpage.

Likewise, you (or your students) can click on the hyperlink to open the file in a new window.

Document displays on the webpage.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a file attachment to an Assignment. This method can likewise be added to any Quiz, Discussion post, or Page.