How do I take attendance (using Roll Call)?

You will learn how to use the attendance tool called Roll Call. This tool allows you to record each student's attendance one day at a time.

The attendance grade will report to the gradebook starting at 100 points using a running total. So, if a student misses one day out of 2, then he will have 50 points. If he attends 3 days out of 3, he will have 100 points.

Change the default settings of the attendance tool

If you want to change the grade scale, meaning you don't want 100 point scale, follow this guide to change the total possible grade points for attendance.

Alert: If you want to change the 100 point scale to a desired point scale, such as 25 points or 10 points, you should follow the guide to make that change before the start of your course.

Add Badges (tags)

Follow this guide to learn how to create custom badges in using Roll Call.

Create a seating chart

Follow this guide to learn how to create a seating chart.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to begin using the Roll Call attendance tool and how to adjust the default settings to fit your own grading scheme.