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How do I create a URL course menu item using the Redirect app?

You will learn how to create a URL link in the course menu of a Canvas course using the Redirect app.

1. Enter your course in Canvas and click on the settings course navigation menu item.

Settings in the course menu is highlighted

2. Open the Apps tab.

Apps tab is highlighted

3. Type "redirect" in the filter box.

Redirect is the app that allows you to easily create a customized course navigation menu item.

redirect has been enterred in the filter box

4. Click on the Redirect tool.

The redirect tool is highlighted

5. Click the "+ Add App" button.

The Add App button is highlighted.

6. Configure app settings.

  1. For Name, enter the name you want to appear in the course menu.
  2. For URL Redirect, enter a valid web address.
  3. Check the "Show in Course Navigation" box.
  4. Click "Add App"
Settings of the Add App window are described

Some websites require that they open in a new tab to work successfully. Also, a new tab allows users to keep their current browser tab within canvas active.

7. Click "Home" in the course navigation.

Home is highlighted in the course menu.

The link will not activate until you refresh the browser page or browse to another section of the course.

Click the course menu item. Confirm it browses to the correct web address.

The menu link and Open in New Tab are highlighted

Article Summary

You have just learned how to add a URL link to the navigation menu of your course in Canvas using the Redirect app.