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What is the Difference Between Classic and New Quizzes?

Canvas offers two quiz engines from which to choose when creating a quiz.

Classic Quizzes:

Canvas’s original quiz engine, now termed “Classic.” If you desire security from 3rd-party tools, wish to use Speedgrader, or export CSVs for student response analysis, this is the better choice. As Canvas improves New Quizzes, eventually these “Classic” capabilities will become part of New Quizzes.

New Quizzes:

This quiz engine has more question types like hotspot, categorization, matching, and ordering. It also has more moderation and accommodation features. However, it lacks some of Classic Quizzes’ capabilities.

For a comparison of features between the two quiz types, read this article: New Quizzes Feature Comparison.

Quizzes imported from TITANium into Canvas will be converted into the Canvas Classic Quiz format. However, if desired that quiz can be migrated to the New Quizzes format.