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How do I request a new Canvas site level app?

Many apps exist that can be added to Canvas. Some examples are publisher tools like McGraw Hill Connect, new course activities like VoiceThread, and other tools like Turnitin. You will learn about how to request a new app to be installed at the site level.

You will need a recent VPAT file and installation instructions. Usually a vendor rep will provide these, but they might also be available from the company's website.

1. Open Service-Now.

Browse to the CSUF ServiceNow website in an up-to-date web browser.

If you have not logged in to a CSUF online service like the campus portal recently, you may be prompted to log in with your CSUF username and password.

2. Access the Service Catalog.

Under the Self-Service menu, click "Service Catalog".

Service Catalog is highlighted

3. Start an IT Purchase Authorization Request.

Under Services, click "IT Purchase Authorization".

IT Purchase Authorization is highlighted

4. Fill out Product or Service Information.

  1. The "Supplier name" will be the commonly used name of the product.
  2. The "Supplier website" will be the URL of the product's web page.
  3. The "Total or Annual Cost" is usually zero. This is because the product materials may have a cost but the app or external tool connector is usually free.
  4. The "primary funding source" is not relevant since the cost is zero. However, the field is required, so "State Fund(s)" is a good choice.
The required fields are labeled

5. Attach the VPAT file.

An “Accessibility Conformance Report” (ACR) or sometimes called a “Voluntary Product Accessibility Template” (VPAT) is a supplier-generated statement that provides information on how a product or service conforms to the Section 508 Accessibility Standards for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in a consistent fashion and format.

In general, suppliers should generate an ACR/VPAT whenever they develop or update their products or services that are determined to be Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and are to be sold in the California State University marketplace. ACRs/VPATs should be submitted in their most recent version and no older than 2 years. CSUs require manufacturing vendors to update/review these documents on a regular basis.

In each ACR/VPAT, suppliers are expected to make specific statements in simple understandable language about how their product or service meets the requirements of the Section 508 Standards (section by section, and paragraph by paragraph).

Click "Add Attachment".

Add Attachment is highlighted

Click "Choose file".

Choose file is highlighted

Select the file and click "Open".

Open is highlighted

Click the X to close the Attachments window.

The X is highlight for closing the Attachments window

6. Select the Category.

Select "LMS LTI" for the product category.

LMS LTI is highlighted

7. Describe the Usage of the Product.

Under "Describe the purpose of the product...", provide data about the purpose of the app.

Details on the apps purpose have been entered in the text box

It is not typical for Canvas Apps to process credit/debit card information.

"No" has been selected for the credit card info

Select the appropriate boxes for how the product will be used.

Options for how the product will be used

Canvas apps added at the site level are available to be added in all Canvas courses.

Provide info regarding departments or groups that are interested in using the product.

Details about who wants to use the product

Don't worry if you are the only person currently interested in the product. This data helps IT prioritize the installation of Apps in Canvas.

8. Enter Software Purchases Details.

Provide the Software name or type.

Sage Vantage is highlighted

Provide a support plan. A link to the vendor's support page and instructions for installing the app must be provided. Support documents can be attached in the same way the VPAT was attached (step 5 of this guide).

Details on the support plan

The nature of Canvas apps requires "Yes" to be selected for "Does this product include cloud or hosted services?".

Yes is selected

Select the Data Classification Level. If the product records student grades, at least level 2 must be selected.

Level 2 has been selected

Enter the status of the VPAT.

I have the VPAT attached has been selected

9. Proceed to Checkout.

Scroll back to the top of the page and click "Proceed to Checkout".

Proceed to Checkout

10. Checkout.

At the confirmation page, click "Checkout".

Checkout is highlighted

Article Summary

You have learned how to submit a Canvas App request.