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How do I protect my video or file in Dropbox when I share it with students?

You will learn how to protect your video or file that you are sharing with them from your Dropbox account. You can set an expiration date and prevent downloads.

1. Within Dropbox, navigate to the video or document you want to share with your students.

2. Click on the three dots menu.

Likewise, you can click on Share to perform a similar process.

three dots menu selected

3. Select Share.

Share selected

Note: Leave the setting at "Can view" rather than "Can edit" unless you want students to be able to edit the file (such as a Word document or Excel). Videos can only be viewed not edited.

Link settings link is selected

5. Click on the dropdown menu for Who has access.

Who has access menu selected

6. Decide on how much security you want.

The three choices are:

Anyone with link allows anyone who has the link to view this file. This is the easiest way to share this file with your students but is also the least secure.

Team members allows you to share only with members of a Group/Team within Dropbox. You could make a new Group and add all of your students to that Group (provided they have all logged in to Dropbox at least once previously). This is the most secure option.

People with password allows greater security than Anyone with link but less than Team members.

Who has access 3 choices

Now, choose one of the following ways to share this file:

People with password

1. Select People with password.

Follow these steps to require your students to enter a password after they click on the link.

People with password is selected

2. Click the Expiration slider.

Only click on the slider if you want create an expiration date for when this file is available to view.

Expiration slider selected

3. Select an expiration date.

Expiration date selected

4. Click on the Disable downloads slider.

Only click this slider if you do not want others to be able to easily download the file.

Disable downloads slider

5. Click on Save.

Save button selected
Copy link is selected

This link can now be pasted into any textbox in your course, pasted into an email, posted in an announcement or forum, etc. Don't forget to provide your students with the password.

Team members

Before following these steps to share a video or document with a Group, first create the group (guide by dropbox).

1. Type the name of the group into the To: field

To: field selected

2. Select the name of the appropriate group.

Fall 2020 ASAM 325 group selected

3. Click on Share.

Share button selected

4. Now you can see how many members have access to the file.

2 memebers displays.

Students or faculty in your group now have access to this file. However, they will have to login to Dropbox to access it.

Article Summary

You have now learned some ways to protect your video or document in Dropbox when sharing it with your students.