How do I sign up for a virtual consultation with a CSUF Canvas Consultant?

You will learn how to use the sign up process to schedule a virtual appointment to meet one-on-one with an Academic Innovations and Canvas Consultants (AICC) staff member from the Faculty Development Center (FDC) department.

We will be using Microsoft Bookings to book the appointment and Microsoft Teams to conduct the virtual appointment.

Warning: For this guide, we will be starting from the Microsoft Sign-in screen. This screen will only pop-up IF you have not logged into your CSUF Portal. This will cover Steps #2-8.

Tip: If you have already signed into your CSUF Portal, then you may skip down to Step #9 after going through Step #1.

1. Click on the URL below to take you to the Microsoft Bookings Canvas Consultation appointment page.

Note: If the link is not opening up properly (the page says "Bad Request"), then you may need to clear the history, cache, cookies, exit and reopen the browser. 

View Steps #2-8 below on how to log into your CSUF Microsoft account.

2. Enter your CSUF email address on the Microsoft Sign in page.

Alert: If you do NOT enter your email address, then the page will display with "Bad Request."

Microsoft Sign-in screen

3. Click on the blue "Next" button.

Next button selected

4. Enter your CSUF email address and password.

Note: This is the same Email Address and Password you use to enter your CSUF Portal, Canvas, and CSUF Outlook.

CSUF Faculty/Staff Authentication Screen.

5. Click on the blue "Sign in" button.

Sign in button selected

6. Complete the DUO (Two-Factor) Authentication.

Tip: A notification will be sent to your phone in the DUO app. You will also be able to authenticate in other ways such as text, passcode, or phone call. View the links below if you would like to learn more about DUO:

DUO Authentication.

7. Trust this browser.

Note: After authenticating, you will have the option to trust the browser. Click the "Yes, trust browser" button to save your authentication for this application for 14 days in this web browser.

Yes, Trust this Browser button

8. Stay signed in.

Tip: If you will be using this computer/device again, you can click on the blue "Yes" button to avoid having to sign in again. You can also click on the checkbox for "Don't show this again."

Yes button selected

9. You are now at the Canvas Consultation Microsoft Bookings page.

Canvas Consultation Microsoft Bookings page.

10. (Optional) Click on "Read More" if you need additional assistance on how to sign up.

Read more button

11. Select the date, time, and staff member you wish to meet with.

Tip: If you do not have a preference on who you want to meet with, then you may keep it as "Anyone."

Note: The maximum lead time to book an appointment would be 1 week in advance. The minimum lead time to book an appointment would be 1 hour prior to the meeting.

date, time, and staff member selected

12. Enter your name, CSUF email, and type a detailed comment on why you want to meet.

Alert: All 3 details are required before you can book an appointment.

name, email, and why you need to meet

13. Click on the "Book" button to finish scheduling an appointment.

Book button

14. Appointment officially booked!

Thanks for booking with us.

Note: Keep this email handy as it has the Microsoft Teams link to join the meeting. You will also receive email reminders at least 1 day before and 1 hour before your scheduled meeting. The email reminders will also include the same Microsoft Teams link to join the meeting.

Tip: If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams, you may want to review this guide: Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting or Webinar. You will be able to access the Microsoft Teams meeting either through the web browser (recommended) or the Microsoft Teams app.

View the following three images below to see what the email confirmation looks like.

Confirmation email from Canvas Consultation Microsoft Bookings.

You will see who you are signed up with and when.

Your booking is confirmed email - opened.

In the confirmation email, you can click on:

  1. "Join your appointment" to meet with the Canvas Specialist when it is time.
  2. "Reschedule" if you need to reschedule the meeting to another date or cancel the meeting.

Tip: You may also email [email protected] to Cancel or Reschedule Appointments.

Join or reschedule appointment buttons

Note: If you are experiencing any issues with signing up, please email [email protected].

Article Summary

You have now learned how to sign up for a meeting with a member from the Academic Innovations and Canvas Consultants (AICC) team.