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How do I Fix the Adjacent Links Accessibility Issue in a Page?

You will learn how to use the Accessibility Checker to fix course content that contains adjacent links.

Canvas Accessibility Checker Rule:

  • Adjacent links with the same URL should be a single link.
  • This rule verifies link errors where the link text may include spaces and break the link into multiple links.
  • Keyboards navigate to links using the Tab key. Two adjacent links that direct to the same destination can be confusing to keyboard users.
  • Learn more about adjacent links


1. Click on Edit for your Page

Tip: These steps will work for the Accessibility Checker in all Rich Content Editors in your course, meaning for: Pages, Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Classic Quizzes, and Syllabus.

Edit button.

2. Click on the Accessibility Checker

If you have any accessibility issues, the Accessibility Checker will display how many were detected.

In the example below, we see one accessibility issue that was detected.

Accessiblity Checker notification.

3. Note that the Accessibility Checker highlights the area addressed and offers advice.

Tip: The Accessibility Checker offers the chance to easily fix some issues through the sidebar menu.

Accessiblity Checker sidebar menu.

You can resolve this issue through the Accessibility Checker sidebar menu by:

1.  Selecting the "Merge links" checkbox.

2. Click on "Apply" to save adjustments

3. If you have more than one issue, you may click on "Next" or "Previous" to view the other accessibility issues.

Alert: Before moving on to another issue within the sidebar menu, it is best to resolve the issue and then select "Apply" to save that work. If you click on "Next" before selecting "Apply" your remediation will not save.

Merge links checkbox

Instead of using the "Merge links" checkbox, you could also manually delete the adjacent link through the Rich Content Editor.


adjacent link


resolved issue

5. The Accessibility Checker now shows that there are no other issues.

Once you go through all of the issues and resolve the issues, you will be greeted with the image below.

no issues were detected

Alert: You must either click on "Save" or" Save & Publish" to ensure you have saved your progress after using the Accessibility Checker to remediate the accessibility issues.

Pages, Assignments, Discussions, and Classic Quizzes will display "Save & Publish" or "Save."

Syllabus will display "Update Syllabus."

Announcements will display "Publish."

Video Demonstration

Article Summary

You have now learned how to remediate adjacent link issues in the Rich Content Editor by using the Accessibility Checker and Sidebar Menu.