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How do I enable self-enrollment for my Community?

After you have created your Community in Canvas, you might want to allow other faculty to self-enroll. You will learn how to enable self-enrollment for your Community, so that your colleagues can self-register to join your Community.

Warning! Self-enrollment is only to be used for Communities or other course shells you have made yourself. Do not attempt to use self-enrollment with a matriculated course.

1. Click on Settings.

Settings link selected

2. Scroll down the page and click on more options.

more options link

3. Tick the box to 'Let students self-enroll by...'.

tickbox for 'Let students self-enroll...'
Tickbox for Join this course link

5. Copy the new URL which you can then email to your colleagues.

URL selected and copied

6. Click on Update Course Details.

Update Course Details button

When others click on the URL you provide, they will see the 'Enroll in Course' button.

When a user clicks on the Enroll in Course button, you as the Teacher of the Community, you will receive an email (if you don't disable that notification).

Enroll in Course button
How does a self-enrolled student drop the Community?

Participants can follow these steps to remove themselves from this Community. However, this must be done before the end date of the Community (if there is an end date).

1. Enter the Community and click on the 'Drop this Course' button to un-enroll yourself.

Drop this Course button

2. Click on the Drop this Course button to confirm your unenrollment.

Drop this Course button (2)

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enable self-enrollment for your Community.