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How do I use Camtasia to create, edit, caption, and produce video lectures?

You will learn how you can use Camtasia to create, edit, caption and produce video lectures for your students.

Below are links to some useful TechSmith Camtasia Studio tutorials.

To obtain the license for Camtasia Studio, you need to submit a Service Now request.

Getting Started - Record your screen, webcam, and voice.

Tutorial: Record, Edit, Share. Learn the basics of how to record your screen, your webcam, and/or your voice. You can also learn how to edit the recording.

Add Annotations, Callouts and Titles.

Tutorial: Add Annotations, Callouts, & Titles. Learn how to add more visuals to your recording to make it easier for students to follow along as you narrate.

Add captions to your video or recording.

Tutorial: Add Captions. If you decide to create captions within Camtasia, be sure to export the captions, so that you can upload them to Canvas Studio, YouTube or wherever you plan to post the video.

Publish your recording.

Tutorial: Export & Share Your Video. When you publish/export your video, select to export as "MP4 Only." That will allow you to easily upload the video to Canvas Studio.

Upload your published video to Canvas Studio.

Tutorial: How do I upload a video to Canvas Studio? Learn how to upload your video and captions to Canvas Studio. Or, use Canvas Studio to auto generate captions for you.

TechSmith's Camtasia Tutorials Homepage

Use the Search bar to look for a tutorial to answer a question you might have, such as creating a recording, adding annotations, adding and editing captions, creating a quiz, publishing the edited recording, etc.

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You have now learned how to do some basic processes in Camtasia Studio.