How do I share my screen from a different device?

You will learn how to run a Zoom meeting on one device and how you can share the screen of a second device without having to log out of the first device. This process should work with PC, Mac, iPhone or other devices that can use the Zoom app.

The Zoom app must be installed on both devices.

1. Start your Zoom meeting on one device.

Follow this guide to get started with Zoom if you are new to using it.

zoom meeting in progress

2. Go to your second device.

3. Type "" into the web browser on your second device.

4. Click on Open Zoom Meetings.

Open Zoom Meetings button

5. You have now joined the meeting on the second device.

Your original device that started the Zoom meeting is the Host and the second device is not a Host. So, the Host may need to enable screen sharing for the second device.

Zoom meeting shows user as participant and as host

6. Select which app you want to share.

Share screen options
Is screen sharing blocked?
Host disabled participant screen sharing

1. On the first device, enable screen sharing for participants.

To enable screen sharing within a Zoom meeting, click on the Security icon (1), then on Share Screen (2).

Security - Share Screen

7. The second device is now screen sharing.

Tip: You can also enable audio and video for the second device if desired.

screen being shared in zoom

8. Click on the Stop Share button when finished screen sharing.

Stop Share button

Article Summary

You have now learned how to to start a Zoom meeting and how to share your screen from a second device.