How do I override the LATE message in the gradebook?

You will learn that with some external tools like VoiceThread, a student's submission may get marked in the Canvas gradebook as 'Late" even though the student submitted it on time.

This phenomenon may occur when you have an Assignment in your course with a Due date. Now, if you grade that assignment after the due date, the student submission will be marked late (based on the date you added the comments and grade rather than on the date the student actually completed or submitted the assignment). This is a known issue in Canvas.

Student view showing LATE assignment.

student gradebook with Late

Follow these steps to override or remove the Late notice.

Grades page

2. Click on the light blue colored cell.

This light blue color denotes a late student submission.

Watch TV assignment selected

3. Click on the arrow in the box.

Arrow in the box icon selected

4. Click on the radio button for None.

None selected

5. Click on the X.

X in left corner of dialog box selected

6. Note that this cell is no longer blue.

Cell not blue

7. Article Summary

You have now learned how to override a Late submission notice in the gradebook.

Blue color is now gone.