Student: How do I submit a LibreTexts ADAPT assignment?

You will learn how to access and complete a LibreTexts ADAPT assignment which is linked to your Canvas course.

1. Enter your course and click on the title of the Assignment.

ADAPT assignments are identical to other Assignments in Canvas, as they use the external tool feature to link Canvas with an external website - libretexts in this case.

Pronombres Personales selected

2. Click on Load in a new window.

This assignment must be loaded in a new tab/window.

Load Pronombres Personales in a new window button

3. Copy Paste the Access Code given to you by your instructor.

Your instructor will need to provide this Access Code to you. It will be different for every course.

Access Code field

4. Type your CWID in the Student ID field.

This Student ID number will connect your account in Canvas with the LibreTexts ADAPT assignments, so that your scores will report to the Canvas course gradebook.

Student ID field

5. Select your time zone with the dropdown menu.

Time Zone field

6. Click on Submit.

Submit button

7. You can now answer the questions in ADAPT.

There may be a variety of questions within the assignment; however, in this example, the questions are auto-graded. Meaning once you have answered the questions, they score will transmit to the Canvas gradebook.

ADAPT webpage with assignment

8. Receipt of having taken the quiz.

Once you finish the question, you should have a receipt. If the Assignment in Canvas allows for multiple attempts, you can then do the assignment again.

Submission Accepted message

9. Your score is now in the gradebook in Canvas.

Student Gradebook

Article Summary

You have now learned how to submit a LibreTexts ADAPT assignment in your course in Canvas.