Student: How do I create an iClicker Cloud account?

You will learn how to create an iClicker Cloud account and register your remote if you have purchased one.

1. Go to

2. Click on Create an Account.

Create an Account button selected

3. Select "Student".

Student selected

4. In the search box, type "Fullerton" and select "California State University Fullerton" from the list.

California State University Fullerton selected

5. Click "Next" when California State University Fullerton institution appears.

Next button

6. Enter the required information in the Create Account Page.

Fill out the following fields: First Name, Last Name, California State University Fullerton Email, Confirm Email, and CWID.

Create account page

7. Tick the agree checkbox.

Agree tick box

8. Click on Next.

Next button

9. Click on Sign In.

Sign In button

10. Provide your email and password to sign in.

Note that the website is

Email and Password fields

11. Click on Sign In.

Sign In button

12. Click Register A Remote.

After sign in, you will be asked to register a remote (an iClicker device you have purchased). You can skip this step if you don't have one.

Register A Remote button

13. Enter the remote ID in the box and click Save.

The remote ID barcode is affixed to the back of your remote.

iclicker remote showing the barcode

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create an iClicker Cloud account and register your iClicker remote.