Introduction to Padlet

Padlet is a free tool to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information on any topic (adding images, links, etc.) and have people collaborate around that topic.

You will learn how to embed your Padlet into a Canvas Page, Quiz, Discussion or Assignment.

Padlet Video Tutorial

Creative Ways to Use Padlet

Create a free Padlet account.
padlet website

2. Click on Sign up for free.

Sign up for free button selected

3. Decide how you want to connect to Padlet.

Follow the steps to create your free account. In order to best use your account with Canvas, it is recommended that you use your CSUF email address.

Padlet sign up options.

4. Tick the checkbox.

I'm beautiful check box selected

5. Click on Sign up button.

SIGN UP button selected

6. Click on SELECT for the Basic plan.

SELECT button is selected

You have now set up a free Padlet account.

Create a new Padlet.

1. Click on Make a Padlet.

Make a Padlet button selected

2. Select your Padlet format (“Wall” is most common).

Wall padlet selected

3. Title your Padlet and modify your preferences as desired.

You can change the title, description, background, etc.

Preference fields are selected

4. Click on Next.

NEXT button selected

5. Click on Start Posting.

START POSTING button selected
Embed your Padlet into your course in Canvas.

Follow these steps to embed your Padlet into your course in Canvas.

1. Click on the Three dots menu.

Three dots menu selected.

2. Click on Share or embed.

Share or embed link selected

3. Select Embed in your blog or your website.

Embed in your blog or your website is selected

4. Click on Copy.

COPY button selected

5. Enter your course in Canvas.

Course entry page

In this guide, we are going to add the Padlet to a Page; however, you can add a Padlet to any textbox in your course.

Page link selected

7. Click on Edit.

Edit button selected

8. Click on the HTML icon.

HTML icon selected

9. Paste the embed code you got from

Paste is selected

10. Click on the HTML button.

HTML button selected

11. The padlet should display in the textbox.

Padlet displays within the textbox

12. Click on Save & Publish.

Save & Publish button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned about Padlet and how you can embed a Padlet into your course in Canvas.