How do I log in to Titan Apps (Google Docs)?

You will learn how to log in to your CSUF Titan Apps (Google Apps) account.

Follow these steps after logging in to the CSUF Portal.

1. Open 'Titan Apps Employee'.

You can find Titan Apps in either the Search field by typing in the word "apps", or if you have it as a Tile, you can click on it directly.

CSUF Portal page

2. Click on Docs.

Docs selected

3. Login to the CSUF Portal if requested.

Use your regular CSUF Portal username and password.

CSUF Portal login

4. Click on Continue if that is your correct CSUF email address.

Continue button

5. You are now logged in to Google Docs.

Google docs

Article Summary

You have now learned how to log in to Titan Apps.