How do I embed Google Slides in to a Canvas Page?

You will learn how to embed Google Slides in to a Page in your course.

You will likely need to log in to Titan Apps before proceeding.

Follow these steps to learn how to log in to your CSUF Titan Apps (Google Apps) account.

1. Open 'Titan Apps Employee'.

You can find Titan Apps in either the Search field by typing in the word "apps", or if you have it as a Tile, you can click on it directly.

CSUF Portal page

2. Click on Docs.

Docs selected

3. Click on Continue if that is your correct CSUF email address.

If you do not receive this message, you may be prompted to enter your CSUF username and password.

Continue button

4. You are now logged in to Google Docs.

Google docs

1. Click on the + sign in the module.

+ sign selected

2. Select Page from the dropdown menu.

Page is selected

3. Click on Create Page.

Create is selected

4. Type a name for the new Page.

Page Name field

5. Click on Add Item.

Add Item button

6. Click on the title of the Page.

Using UDL in your teaching (Google Slides) is selected

7. Click Edit.

Edit button

8. Click on the Apps icon.

Apps icon

9. Select View All.

View All selected

10. Click on Google Apps.

Google Apps selected

11. After the File Picker opens, click on the desired item you want to share.

Slides presentation selected

12. Click on Select.

Select button

Choose whether you want to embed the presentation or create a link to it.

I want to embed the Slides presentation.

1. Click on the Embed button.

Embed button

2. Your Slides should now display in the Page.

Slides display in the page

3. Click on Save & Publish.

Save & Publish button

4. Your students can now view your Slides.

Page with Google Slides showing
Are students having difficulties viewing your presentation?

In order to view your presentations or other Google docs, students must be logged in to their own Titan Apps.

You may try this other method of sharing your Google Slides (or Docs).

Article Summary

You have now learned how to embed a Google Slides presentation in a Page in your Canvas course.