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How do I link a Dropbox file to the Rich Content Editor?

You will learn how to link to a Dropbox file (from your CSUF Dropbox account) in your course in Canvas.

This process will create a link to the file. It will not copy the file from Dropbox to Canvas, so file size limitations for Canvas are not affected.

1. Enter your course.

Course entry page

2. Click on Assignments.

In this guide we will use an Assignment to demonstrate this process, but you can use this process to link a Dropbox file in any Rich Content Editor, such as in a Discussion, Page, Assignment, and Quiz.

Assignments link selected

3. Click on + Assignments.

+ Assignment button selected

4. Type a name.

Name field selected

5. Click on the Apps icon.

Apps icon selected

6. Select Dropbox.

Dropbox selected

7. Click on Choose a file.

Choose a file button selected

Tip: In this guide we are linking a PDF; however, you can link any kind of file, such as video, audio, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

'accessibility-ud-slide.pdf' selected

9. Click on Choose.

Choose button selected
New RCE with link to dropbox file

Complete the rest of the Assignment activity as desired. Here is a guide on the options for Assignment settings.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to link to a file in your CSUF Dropbox account.