How do I add a LinkedIn Learning video or course to a Canvas Page?

You will learn how to add a Linkedin Learning video or course to a Page in Canvas.

1. Within your course, click the "Pages" course menu item.

Pages is highlighted

2. Modify the Page Title and add a description.

Page title and Description are highlighted.

3. Click the "Apps" icon in the Rich Content Editor menu.

Make sure to place your cursor under the last sentence of your course description text.

Apps icon is highlighted.

4. Click "View All".

Note: Once you use the LinkedIn Learning app in a Rich Content Editor, it will appear above the View All link and you can simply click directly on LinkedIn Learning instead of View All.

View All is highlighted

5. Select "Linkedin Learning" in the All Apps box.

Linkedin Learning is highlighted

6. Click the "Search for content" box.

Search for content is highlighted.

7. Enter search text, such as "organize a course".

video search field

8. Decide if a course or video is the best option.

A course is a series of videos and possibly quizzes. A video is a portion of a course. Please be aware if a course is selected, the next video in the course will continue to auto play at the completion of the previous video.

Courses tickbox

9. Scroll down the page if needed to find the activity you are interested in.

Scroll bar

10. Click on "Add" next to the activity you want to use.

The Add button is highlighted.

11. Click "Confirm."

You may need to use the second scroll bar to get to the bottom of the page.

The Confirm button has been highlighted.

12. Click 'Save & Publish."

The Save & Publish button has been highlighted.

13. Click the "Modules" course menu item.

The Page has been added to the Canvas course. However, it should also be added to the course modules to make it easy for students to find.

The Modules course menu item has been highlighted.

14. Click the "+" icon.

The "+" icon in a module header is highlighted

15. Click the Page name and click the "Add item" button.

Page name and Add Item button are highlighted

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add a Linkedin Learning Video or Course into the Rich Content Editor in Canvas.