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How do I create a Microsoft Teams Meeting and post the link in Canvas?

You will learn about creating a Teams meeting and posting a link to it in your Canvas course.

1. Create a Teams Meeting.

1.1. Log in to the Campus Portal.

Details on accessing the campus portal are available in our CSUF Portal Login Guide .

The CSUF campus portal

1.2. Open Outlook Web Access by clicking the Envelope icon.

The envelope icon is highighte in the campus portal

1.3. Select the Calendar.

The calendar icon is highighted

1.4. Click New Event.

New event is highlighted

1.5. Adjust the Meeting Details as desired.

Meeting Details

1.6. Enable Teams by clicking on the Teams meeting toggle.

Teams meeting toggle is highlighted

1.7. Click Save.

The Save button is highlighted

2.1. Click the Meeting in your Outlook Web Access Calendar.

The Meeting is highlighted

2.2. Edit the Meeting by clicking on Edit.

Edit is selected

2.3. Click Edit and select "All events in the series".

"All events in the series" are highlighted

2.4. Click "More options".

More options is highlighted
"Click here to join the meeting" is highlighted
Copy link address is selected

3. Post the Link in your Canvas Course.

The Teams meeting link can be posted in many different ways in Canvas. Here are some of the more common methods.

Send a course Announcement.

Announcements are a great way to post meeting links. Details are available in the Canvas Announcement Guide.  Students can view past announcements in the Announcements menu item.

The course must be published and the Start Date (under course settings) must have passed in order for Announcements to be sent to students.

Announcements is highlighted in the Canvas Course Menu

Send an Inbox Message.

The inbox feature can post the meeting link to your students' Canvas inbox. Details on sending a message to the whole course are available in the Canvas Inbox Message Guide.

The Compose Message Interface

The meeting link can be added to your Canvas course menu by using the Redirect tool. Details are available in our How to Create a Course Menu Item Guide.

After you create the menu item, move it closer to the top of the menu. Steps for arranging the course menu navigation are available in the Canvas Navigation Customization Guide.

Teams Meeting Link is highlighted in the Course Menu

Article Summary

You have learned about different ways to post a Microsoft Teams meeting link in your Canvas course.