How do I post a Mentimeter survey to my course?

You will learn how to post a Mentimeter survey in your Canvas course, so that your students can respond to the survey and you can then view the survey results.

Follow these steps after you have finished creating your Mentimeter survey which uses Question pages (not Quizzes). Be sure to set the presentation (survey) for Audience pace and to hide the results (if desired). Audience pace is a must; otherwise, students will not be able to respond to the survey questions. Use the Share button in Mentimeter to create a link for your students.

Enter your Canvas course and create a new Page, Assignment, Discussion or External URL.

Since the easiest way to share a survey with your students is via a link, you can paste that link in any Rich Content Editor (meaning Page, Assignment, or Discussion) or you can use the External URL feature to create a direct link to your Mentimeter survey.

1. Click on the + in the desired Module.

+ icon for new item for a module selected

2. Select External URL in the dropdown menu.

External URL selected

3. In a separate tab, go to your Mentimeter survey

This page shows the "Mid-term Exam Feedback, Fall 2022" Mentimeter presentation. website

4. Click on Settings.

Settings icon

5. Click on Audience pace.

Audience pace button

6. Click on the X.

X to close the Settings window

7. Click on Share.

Share button

"Anyone with the link, code, or QR" should be selected by default.

Copy link button

9. Paste the URL in the URL field.

URL field
Page Name field

11. Click on Add Item.

Add Item button
Publish button

Article Summary

You have now learned how to set your Mentimeter Presentation as a survey by changing it to "Audience pace" and sharing the link in your Canvas course.