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What is Mentimeter and how can I use it to enhance student engagement?

You will learn the basics of Mentimeter and how you can use it to enhance your online, hybrid, and face-to-face teaching.

Mentimeter is a web-based educational tool that enables you to build interactive polls, quizzes, slides, presentations, etc. Using Mentimeter will allow you to engage your students and provide immediate feedback on the results.

Students can use their phones, tablets or laptops to participate in your pre-made polls, questions, and quizzes. As students respond, their cumulative responses create a visualization (you can choose among various types of visualizations).

Take a look at these Mentimeter-branded guides.

How & Why Mentimeter enhances the teaching and learning experiences

Make your lectures more engaging and inclusive with Mentimeter for universities

How Mentimeter increases and enhances engagement and learning in an educational environment

Mentimeter Support Resources

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You have now learned about some of the ways you can use Mentimeter to enhance engagement in your course.