How do I setup a Flipgrid assignment in Canvas?

You will learn how to setup an Assignment in your course which will connect with Filpgrid allowing you to grade student Flipgrid submissions in the SpeedGrader in your course.

Follow these steps after you have created a Flipgrid account and have integrated that account with your course in Canvas.

1. Create a new Assignment in your course.

Follow this guide on how to create an Assignment in your course.

Tip: The name of the Assignment in Canvas will copy over to Flipgrid with the same name.

Student Introductions via Flipgrid Assignment

3. Click on Edit.

Edit button

4. Scroll down to the Submission Type section of the Assignment.

Submission Type

5. Select External Tool.

External Tool selected

6. Click on Find.

Find button

7. Scroll down to Flipgrid and click on it.

Flipgrid selected

8. Click on Select.

Select button

9. Click on Save & Publish.

Save & Publish button

10. Click on Create a Course Group.

Note that the Flipgrid website should appear just below the description for your Assignment. If it does not, try refreshing the web page.

Create a Course Group button

11. Your Assignment is now fully connected to Flipgrid.

flipgrid webpage displays

12. Here is the student view.

Students do not need to register for Flipgrid. Instead, they can simply click on Add Response and begin recording a video.

Student view of the Assignment

Article Summary

You have now learned how to setup an Assignment in your course which is connected to Flipgrid. This will allow students to submit videos and you can then grade them in the SpeedGrader.