How do I create a backup of my course in TITANium?

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You will learn how to use the Backup tool to make a backup file of your course in TITANium and save it to your computer. This file can be stored on your local computer or on Dropbox for later importation to Canvas.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course in TITANium.

2. Click on the Gear icon.

the Gear icon.

3. Select Backup.

Backup selected.

4. The Backup settings page will display.

Decide which settings you want to include. Generally speaking, the defaults are sufficient for most teacher-created backups.

Backup settings page

5. Decide whether to Include enrolled users and user data.

If you want to include current enrolled user data in the backup file, such as their forum, assignment, and gradebook data, then leave Include enrolled users checked.

If you do not need to keep user data, then un-check Include enrolled users. If your intention is to use the course backup file to import this course into Canvas, do not include enrolled users data.

enrolled users

6. Click on Jump to final step.

Note: If you have any h5p activities, you need to click on NEXT and deselect those h5p activities.

Once you un-check Include enrolled users, several fields will be automatically deselected and will be grayed out.

If you want to keep all of the other elements, scroll down and click on Jump to final step. If you choose Next, then you can pick and choose individual resources and activities to backup.

Jump to final step button

7. Wait for the backup to complete.

Depending on the amount of content included in the backup, it may take several seconds or a minute or two.

backup in progress

8. Click on Continue.

When the backup file has been created, click on the Continue button.

Continue button

9. Your backup file is now in the User private backup area.

User private backup area

10. Click on Download.

Download button

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use the Backup tool to create a backup file of your course in TITANium and how to save it to your computer.