Canvas Resource CenterADD-ONS FOR CANVASZoom in CanvasIntroductionHow do I use the same Zoom Office Hours for all of my courses?

How do I use the same Zoom Office Hours for all of my courses?

You will learn how to use the same recurring Office Hours Zoom meetings with all of your courses. This will allow all of your students in multiple courses to easily use the same Office Hours Zoom link.

Follow these steps below after you have (1) added the Zoom item to your course menu and (2) created a recurring meeting for your office hours in one of your courses.

Your Zoom schedule may look something like this.

Note the recurring meetings scheduled for the course Zoom sessions and the recurring meeting for the Office Hours.

Zoom schedule for this course

1. Copy the Meeting ID of your Office Hours Zoom session.

Zoom schedule for this course
other course selected

3. Click on the Zoom menu item.

Zoom menu item

4. Click on the Three Dots menu.

Three dots menu

5. Select Import meeting.

Import meeting selected

6. Paste the meeting ID number.

Meeting ID field select

7. Click on Import.

Import button
Office hours links

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add the office hours Zoom links to another course so your students in more than one course can easily use the same office hours link.