How do I schedule a Zoom meeting in Canvas?

You will learn how to schedule a new zoom meeting Canvas.

1. Click on the Zoom navigation item in your course.

Read this guide to learn how to add the Zoom navigation item.

Zoom link selected

2. Click on Schedule a New Meeting.

Schedule a New Meeting button selected
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student view of zoom

3. Type a name for the meeting topic.

Topic field selected

4. Type a description if desired

Description field

5. Select the date and time of the meeting.

Date and time fields selected

6. Set the duration of the meeting.

Duration selected

7. Set whether the meeting is recurring or a single instance.

You can make a single meeting or a series of recurring meetings, like with class meetings or office hours.

Recurring meeting checked

8. Set whether to require students to register.

Having students register is one way to help prevent Zoom trolls from ruining your meeting.

Required is checked

9. Set video options.

Video options

10. Set audio options.

Audio options

11. Set Meeting options.

Meeting options

12. Click on Save button.

Save button selected

13. Decide whether to use the Polls template.

The Polls template is a very easy way to create polls for your meeting which you can turn on and off. Polls must be made before the start of the meeting.

Download CSV template

14. The weekly zoom meeting is now set up.

Zoom meetings listed
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Article Summary

You have now learned how to schedule a new Zoom meeting in your course in Canvas.