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How do I re-link my ShareStream videos after I have copied my course from TITANium?

You will learn how to re-link or re-embed your ShareStream videos in a textbox (Rich Content Editor) after you have copied your course from TITANium. This process only needs to be done after the course has been copied from TITANium.

Before you follow these steps, first copy your ShareStream videos.

1. Enter your course.

This is an example of a course which was copied from TITANium. This top module was a Topic section with a Book in TITANium with several Chapters of videos which are all part of a series of video on How the Earth Was Made.

course Home

We can see by looking at the icons that the Book was converted to Pages with one chapter per Page.

course Home

This is where the first video is located.

Grand Canyon selected
Are you currently logged in to TITANium as well as Canvas?
Yes. I am logged in to TITANium.

If you are currently logged into the version of TITANium where the course was copied from, then you will likely see the video display in the Page.

Video displayed on Page.
No. I am not logged in to TITANium.

If you are not currently logged in to the version of TITANium from which the course was copied, you likely will see an error message instead of the video. Each type of web browser may display a different error message.

Video is not displayed on the Page.

3. Click on Edit.

Edit button selected

4. Expand the textbox by grabbing the dots in the bottom right corner and dragging downward.

This step is not required but since the textbox is so small, it really helps to expand it when you want to work in it.

Dots selected and dragged

5. Delete the unwanted text in the textbox.

Text to be deleted is selected

6. Leave a space in the textbox where you want to place the video.

Blank line is left for placing the video

7. Click on the Apps icon.

Apps icon selected
Wait. I don't see the Apps icon.

1. Click on the three dots.

Three dots

2. Now click on Apps.

Apps icon selected (2)

8. Select the ShareStream Media app.

ShareStream Media is selected

9. The ShareStream Pick-n-Play will display your media content.

Pick n Play

10. Type part of the name of the desired video.

Search field selected

11. Click on the Search icon.

Search icon selected

12. Click on the name of the video.

Grand Canyon video selected

13. Click on Add.

Add button selected

14. The video should now display.

Video displays in textbox above text.

15. Click on Save

Save button selected

16. The video is now in the textbox and ready to be viewed by your students.

Page now ready for students to view.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to re-link or re-embed a ShareStream video in a textbox.