How do I embed a Sreencast-O-Matic video in a Page?

You will learn how to embed a Sreencast-O-Matic video in your course in Canvas.

This guide will show you have to embed the video into a Page, but you can embed it in any rich content editor (textbox) in any Assignment, Discussion, Quiz, or Page.

1. Enter your course.

course Modules page

2. Click on Modules.

Modules link selected

3. Click on +Module.

+ Module button selected

4. Type a name for the module.

Name field is selected

5. Click on Add Module.

Add Module button selected

6. Click on the + icon.

+ icon is selected

7. Use the dropdown menu to select the type of item you want to add to the module.

You can select Assignment, Quiz, Page, or Discussion. All of those items contain a Rich Content Editor where a video can be embedded.

Dropdown menu selected

8. Select Page.

Page is selected from the dropdown menu.

9. Select New Page.

New Page is selected

10. Type a name for the new Page.

Page Name field is selected

11. Click Add Item.

Add Item button selected

12. Click on the new page name.

new page name is selected

13. Click on Edit.

Edit button is selected

14. Click on the Apps icon in the menu.

Apps icon selected

15. Click on Screencast-O-Matic.

Screencast-O-Matic is selected

16. Select the desired screen cast.

Tip: You can click on + New Recording to make a new recording if desired.

Intro to Canvas video is selected

17. Click on the desired options.

Options include: Hide Title, Show Controls, Captions On, and Autoplay.

Options selected

18. Click on Embed.

Embed button selected

19. The video should display with a play button in the Rich Content Editor.

Tip: You can also add text, images, etc. to this same Rich Content Editor.

video with play button displays

20. Click on Publish & Save.

Publish & Save button selected

Article Summary

You have now learned how to embed a Screencast-O-Matic video into a Rich Content Editor in your course.