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How do I create a repeatable quiz for students to confirm their ability to use Proctorio?

You will learn how to create a one question repeatable, zero point quiz, so students can confirm that Proctorio has been installed and is functioning correctly within Google Chrome and their course in Canvas.

In order to use Proctorio, you will need Google Chrome and the Proctorio Google Chrome browser extension.

After installing Google Chrome and the Proctorio extension, you must enable Proctorio for use with quizzes. This must be done before using Proctorio for the first time.

Please remember to review UPS documents regarding online instruction requirements for syllabus info on equipment and internet connection requirements, recording of class sessions, accessibility, etc. Many items are addressed in this document:
Policy on Online Instruction (UPS 411.104).

Proctorio is only compatible with Class Quizzes.

1. Enter your Canvas course and scroll down the course navigation menu to Quizzes.

red box round quizzes tab

2. Click on the blue +Quiz button.

red box around blue quiz button

3. Select Classic Quizzes and then click Submit.

Note: Proctorio only functions with Classic Quizzes.

red box around classic quizzes radio button

4. Name the quiz.

red box around text box called unnamed quiz

5. Select Graded Quiz from drop down menu.  

red box around quiz type box named graded quiz

6. Select Allow Multiple Attempts.

red box around allow mutiple attempts box

7. Select Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor.

red box around enable proctorio secure exam proctor

8. Fill out Assign box.

red box around assign setting box

9. Click Save on the bottom right corner.

red box around blue save button

10. Create questions for the quiz by clicking the Questions tab.

If you do not want the quiz to affect your gradebook, the questions can be set to zero points.

Note:  For more detailed instructions on how to create a quiz in Canvas, use the Canvas Instructor Guide and scroll down to the quizzes section in the table of contents.

red box around questions tab

11. Click on New Question button to create your question.  

red box around new question button

12. Click Save when done.

red box around save button

To make the quiz visible to students, you must first publish the quiz. If the quiz is inside of a Canvas module, you must publish the module as well.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a practice quiz that students can use to verify that they have installed Proctorio correctly and that it works with the Quiz tool.