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How do I import a Quiz activity from TITANium into Canvas?

You will learn how to migrate your quiz activity from your course in TITANium to your course in Canvas.

There are two main processes to complete this task:

1. Export your course from TITANium.

Follow this guide to create a backup of your entire TITANium course. It will not work if you only create a back up of the Quiz activity. You have to back up the entire course or at least at the Topic section level. However, do not include student data.

After you create the backup file, be sure to download it to your computer.

Learn how to backup a single Topic section.

Follow these steps to learn how to backup a single Topic section in your course in TITANium.

1.1. Enter your course in TITANium.

course main page

1.2. Select Backup from the Gear icon.

Backup link

1.3. Scroll down the page and click on Next.

Next button

1.4. Click on None.

None link

1.5. Scroll down to the Topic section you want to create a back up for.

Topic 4 section

1.6. Click the Topic and the quiz activity within the topic.

Topic 4 and quiz ticked

1.7. Click on Next.

Next button

1.8. Scroll down and click on Perform backup.

Perform backup button

1.9. Click on Continue.

Continue button

1.10. Click on download.

Download link

You have now created a course backup file for a single Topic section.

2. Import your course into Canvas.

Follow these steps once you have a back up of your TITANium course saved to your computer.

2.1. Enter your course in Canvas.

It is recommended to work in a Sandbox course in case you make any mistakes. After you have imported the quiz into your Sandbox course, you can then easily copy it to your regular course.

Follow this guide to learn how to create a new course in Canvas.

course main page

2.2. Click on Import course content.

Import Existing Content button

2.3. Use the dropdown menu to select Moodle 1.9/2.x.

Moodle 1.9/2.x selected from Content Type

2.4. Click on Choose File.

Choose File button
MBZ file selected

2.6. Click on Open.

Open button

2.7. Click on Select Content.

By clicking on Select Content, we can then choose the specific content that we want to bring in to the course. Otherwise, the entire course content will copy.

Select Content radio button

2.8. Click on Import.

Import button

2.9. Click on Select Content.

Select Content button (2)

2.10. Tick the specific quiz and question banks you want to import.

In this example, we are importing a quiz, so that means we must select all of the elements of that quiz activity. That may include the Quiz under Quizzes, the question bank under Question Banks and any files (under Files) that are included in the quiz, such as images, videos or attached files.

quiz elements selected

2.11. Click on Select Content.

Select Content button (3)

Since we imported a Quiz activity by itself, Canvas will not put the quiz in the Modules page. However, if we had imported the entire course, it would have.

Quizzes link

2.13. Verify the quiz settings, questions, and points.

After importing or copying content, always verify that it contains all of the elements that you are expecting it to have.

  • Check that the quiz is a Graded quiz as most quizzes imported from TITANium get marked as Practice quizzes in Canvas.
  • Verify that the questions were copied correctly, including a quick proof read as marks, such as apostrophes may not display correctly.
  • Check to see the point values for each question (1 point each is the default).
  • Check the quiz total possible points.
  • Adjust the availability and due dates
  • Preview the quiz to verify that all of the images or attached files are in place
  • Some questions may need to be rebuilt from scratch as Canvas does not have all of the question types that TITANium does.
Quiz title selected

After you have verified that the quiz is ready to go, copy the quiz to your regular course.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import a quiz from your course in TITANium to your course in Canvas.