How do I integrate Flipgrid with my Canvas course?

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You will learn how to Integrate Flipgrid with your course in Canvas. 

Follow these steps after Creating a Flipgrid Account

1. Open two tabs in your web browser.

In one tab, go to and log in to Flipgrid. In the second tab, go to your Canvas course.

Two tabs open

2. Go to the Flipgrid tab and click your the avatar.

account avatar select

3. Select Settings.


4. Click on Integrations.

integrations tab

5. Click Add New Integration.

add new integration button

6. Type a name for the integration.

This part of the integration only needs to be done one time, and you can label it anything you want.

Integration name field

7. Click on Create.

Create button

8. You now have a Consumer Key and a Shared Secret.

key and secret shown

9. Using your other browser tab, enter your course and click on Settings.

Settings link

10. Click on Apps.

Apps tab

11. Type 'flipgrid' in the search field.

Tip: The search will narrow as you type.

Search field

12. Click on the Flipgrid icon.

Flipgrid icon

13. Click on + Add App.

+ Add App button

14. Return to the Flipgrid tab and click on Copy for Consumer Key.

Copy button

15. Return to the course and paste the Consumer Key.

Consumer Key field

16. Return to the Fipgrid tab and click on Copy for Shared Secret.

Copy button fro Shared Secret

17. Return to the course tab and paste the Shared Secret.

Shared Secret field

18. Click on Add App.

Add App button

19. You have now integrated Flipgrid with this course.

Alert! The process of copying and pasting the Consumer Key and the Shared Secret needs to be done for every course where you want to integrate Canvas and Flipgrid. That includes when you copy this course for the next term.

Flipgrid now listed with installed apps

Article Summary

You have now learned how to set up the integration between Flipgrid and Canvas.