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How do I switch from Screencast-O-matic to Canvas Studio?

You will learn the process you will need to follow if you recently used Screencast-O-matic screen recorder, but want to switch to Canvas Studio for recording screen capture lectures.

Since Screencast-O-matic and Canvas Studio both use the same open source video screen recording software (but customized for their own website), there is usually a conflict if you have the Screencast-O-matic screen recorder installed but now want to use Canvas Studio to screen record.

You only need to follow this guide if you are switching from Screencast-O-matic to Canvas Studio or want to use both of them on the same computer. Otherwise, go ahead and follow the other Canvas Studio guides.

1. Use FireFox web browser.

The easiest way to use both Screencast-O-matic and Canvas Studio is to use FireFox because it allows you to choose which screen recording app to use each time you want to make a new recording.

Follow these steps to use FireFox for screen recording.

1. Click on the Record button in Canvas Studio.

Remember, you are using FireFox.

Record button

2. Select Screen Capture.

Screen Capture selected

3. Click on Choose Application.

Choose Application button

4. Click on Choose.

Note that there are currently two screen recorders listed, since this process has already been done on this computer. Otherwise, only one would be listed. Once you have done this procedure one time, you can simply click on the desired app rather than clicking on the Choose button.

Choose button

If you have this app installed on your computer, it may be in a similar location as shown in this screenshot (This PC > OS (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Screen Recorder Launcher).

Screen Recorder Launcher.exe is selected

6. Click on Open.

Open button
Open Link button

8. The recorder starts up.

Recorder loaded

Article Summary

You have now learned how you can use both Screencast-O-matic and Canvas Studio using FireFox web browser on your computer.